History01Coming from a musical background, the members of Black Image recall, previously playing in their fathers band, Country Unknown, at a very young age, even as young as six. By 1997 Black Image was formed, consisting of five brothers; Clifford, Damien, Anselm, Dylan and Vincent Harrigan. Hailing from their traditional countries of the Gugu Yimithirr and Kuku Yalangi areas, they are the traditional owners of the Dikarrba, Balganwarra, Dhuppiwarra and Dharrba Warra clans on the east coast of Cape York, Queensland.
The boys grew up listening to all different kinds of music, but their first ever taste of music was country. Through out the years whilst growing up the boys explored the different varieties of music the world had to offer, which is why Black Image has a diverse range of music when they’re performing as well as their own original material.

Back in 1997 after the boys formed Black Image, the band performed their very first gig at a local pub in Img17ThumbCooktown, despite the fact most of the members were under the age of eighteen.

In 2002 Black Image released their first album titled ‘Durrbil/Dikarrba’ since releasing that album Black Image gained a lot of recognition instantly especially through indigenous radio stations across Australia. The band has since then entertained many indigenous communities, towns and cities and has performed at a number of festivals through out the east coast of Australia, just to name a few, such as the Music Oz Awards, the Woodford Festival, the Village Festival of Yeppoon, and the Laura Dance Festival. Black Image has even supported acts such as Troy Cassar-Daley, The Wolverines and also Yothu Yindi.

Img1ThumbIn 2004 Black Image released a single on a compilation album titled ‘Indigenous Saltwater Songs’ which was produced by ARIA awarded producers Nigel Pegrum and Karl Nuenfeldt. Black Image has won numerous Australia Day awards and has also been nominated for the Indigenous section at the Music Oz Awards.

2007 has seen the release of the second album of Black Image titled ‘Beautiful Land and Sea’ produced by the Black Image boys themselves Img3Thumbalong side Nigel Pegrum and Karl Nuenfeldt. With the release of the bands second album, they have gained an even wider recognition not only in Australia but also in Europe and Africa. Black Image was nominated and also took out the National Band of the year at the 2007 Deadly Awards in Sydney.
Black Image still performs at many private functions and festivals across Australia. So keep an eye out for the next performance.