Cliff Harrigan

  Role in band: Back-up vocals and plays the drums.Cliff Harrigan @ the Raintree Travern copy

Cliff is the oldest out of the brothers. He started playing at the age of 8 on the drums. His first gig was with his fathers band ‘Country Unknown’ at a local pub in Cooktown. Later on the years he went on tour with the ‘Brian Young Show’ in 1988 to 90 then again in 1995. After touring he went to the Adelaide University studying music for three years and graduating.

Influences: Cold Chisel, The Eagles, Tracey Chapman, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Jeff Healy Band, Dire Straits, Guns n Roses, Warumpi Band, Poison, Van Halen, Jimmy Barnes, John Butler Trio, Def Leppard.